About Frankie

If you can’t remember a time when Frankie Avalon wasn’t a part of your life, you aren’t alone. This talented performer can look back on a career that spans three generations of music, television and motion pictures which he feels is due primarily to the loyalty and trust of his audience.

Frankie is a multi-platinum recording artist; in 1959 alone Frankie had 6 solid hits that were in the top 40 and his music became one of the defining sounds of the “Pre-Beatles” Rock and Roll.

Never one to settle for one career, Frankie’s motion picture success has spanned over 30 films with starring roles in the highly successful “Beach Party” film series including Beach Blanket Bingo, How to Stuff a Wild Bikini, in popular rolls such as “Teen Angel” in Grease and in more dramatic roles in “The Dark”, “The Alamo”, “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea”, “Guns of the Timberland” to name a few.

Frankie’s latest venture draws from his long-time passion for traditional Italian favorites passed down through his family for generations. Avalon Foods, which specializes in prepared Italian food products prepared using imported cheeses and only the freshest ingredients just like his grandmother used to make, are currently available on Evine. Frankie also shares his family’s recipes in his first cookbook: Frankie Avalon’s Italian Family Cookbook; a collection of over 80 of his favorite traditional Italian dishes including weeknight meals, Sunday suppers, and holiday feasts.

Aside from developing his passion for cooking and exceptional food, he is also one of the busiest nightclub performers in the country, playing the nation’s finest supper clubs and headlining top Las Vegas Hotel Main rooms. If you are interested in seeing Frankie perform live, you’re in luck! Frankie works six months out of the year performing crowd favorites in nightclubs across the country.