Our Foods

Frankie Avalon, America’s “Teen Angel”, enjoys a phenomenal career that spans over three generations. This multi-platinum recording artist, nightclub phenomenon, and movie star loves making music, movies, and performing for his fans around the world, but what feeds his soul is creating meals from traditional Avalon family recipes.

After being on the road performing most of his life, one of the greatest comforts of home life for Frankie is home cooking—“a kitchen filled with the aromas of simmering tomato ‘gravy’, freshly chopped basil, and dessert baking in the oven is a beautiful and welcoming place”.

Like music, cooking for Frankie is creating something where there was nothing before; pleasing others with a combination of the traditional zesty dishes of Italy and the stories enjoyed over a great home cooked meal.

At Frankie Avalon Foods, we handcraft our creations the old fashioned way, using only the world’s finest ingredients; whether it is fresh ground pork sausage like Frankie’s dad made or Limoncello cake with Limoncello liquor from the Amalfi coast like Frankie’s Italian grandmother used to make. The recipes used to create these mouth-watering dishes have been enjoyed at the Avalon family table for generations – now they can be dishes that your own family will ask for again and again.

For those of you who are of Italian extraction, these dishes are sure to bring back memories of your family meals, as many are classics that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Frankie is honored to share Avalon family recipes and foods with you – as his parents shared with him. We hope you enjoy our selection foods from Frankie’s kitchen to your table.

Buon Appetito!